Piktochart Infographs

The photojournalism classes have recently begun utilizing piktochart.com to make infographs on things that interest them. Girls use the software to create fun and interesting graphics to share facts about different subjects like Disney and Popes Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II. 

Junior Alex Rittie made the infograph above on Parkour & Free Running, an up and coming physical discipline that many consider an extreme sport. 


When Duty Calls, She Answers

Mrs. Nava helps  Colleen Cusick understand Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

Photo taken by: Kathleen Malcotti

After working for so long on the Administration side of Mount de Sales, Mrs. Kim Nava was ready and willing to take on the position of freshman English teacher. Mrs. Nava was called into action towards the beginning of the year after Mrs. Jasinski had to leave to take care of her daughter. She took over Mrs. Jasinski’s B, C, and G blocks, all  freshman English classes.

“I really enjoy teaching the freshman. We are learning about Macbeth now, so I try and make it as fun as possible,” said Mrs. Nava. The freshmen learn everything from Shakespeare, to short stories, to learning how to formulate papers.
The freshmen are excited to have Mrs. Nava as their teacher. “I like Mrs. Nava a lot. I think it’s good we finally have one teacher and not a bunch of substitutes,” said freshman Colleen Cusick. Mrs. Nava has her Master’s Degree in English and has taught in other schools previously. 

Kathleen Malcotti ‘14

Culinary Arts Club Makes Pizza

The Culinary Arts Club met for a meeting and became pizza makers. Students prepared pizza using a variety of ingredients including bacon. Club adviser Mrs. Carpenter taught the girls how to form the dough and reminded them to use flour on the work surface so the dough will not stick.

“It was so much fun working with our friends in the schools kitchen and trying to make the perfect pizza form,” said sophomore Victoria Snodgrass.

Students formed dough with corn starch on the pan to prevent the dough from sticking. After placing the dough on the pan, sauce was spread and each student chose toppings from cheese, ham, pineapple onions and pepperoni.

“I loved that we got to pick whatever toppings we wanted," said senior Courtney Nellies.

S. Denhardt '14


A Reason To Sacrifice

Catholic Relief Services sponsors Rice Bowls for Lent each year in order to encourage prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. 

Initially called “Operation Rice Bowl”, the program has been in place since 1975 when it was started as a response to the drought in the African Sahel region.  Today, 75% of donations through the rice bowl go toward relief services worldwide, while the other 25% goes to alleviating poverty locally.  The program affects over 100 million people worldwide.  As loose change is thrown into the rice bowl, donors are encouraged to pray every day using a calendar that includes bible stories and reflections above recipes for meals in poor countries that you can try at home.

“The opportunity to contribute to the rice bowls really reminds me that Lent can be about not just personal sacrifice, but giving to others,” said senior Connor McEwan.

Mount de Sales students are always generous to this worthy program, and contributed over 300 dollars in 2013.

E. Hoff '14

Caroline's Great Adventure

photo: K. Nardolillo

Former Mount de Sales student Caroline Macari recently embarked on a new journey.  She moved to Rhode Island this year and started her junior year at a brand new school with brand new people.  The school is called Bishop Feehan, a Catholic co-ed school located in Allteboro, Massachusetts. It was a very big change for Caroline and a very big change for all of her friends to not have her around this year.
“First of all we miss her. She is very funny, bright, and she seemed very interested in history,” said one of Caroline’s former teachers, Mrs. Natale.
Caroline is having a great time at her new school. She is in the book club and the film club, which is a club where they watch movies and discuss them.  The school has a uniform, but she is already used to that!  She is doing well in all of her classes and she’s making so many new friends. But of course, she misses Maryland and all of her friends.
“The adjustment was very difficult but ultimately I really like my new school and all the new friends I've made,” said Caroline.

K. Nardolillo ‘15

Field Trip Fun in the City

photo by Mrs. Schorr

The ACE club recently took a field trip to Baltimore next to Harbor East to the site of the future Harbor Point project, which is an urban planning project that will ultimately change the landscape of the city.  The project will occupy 30 acres of undeveloped land in the heart of Fell’s PointThe students met with a vice president from Beatty Development Group LLC to hear plans about this mixed use project. The project all together will include 6 million square feet of retail resident and office space. The Harbor Point project will include Exelon’s Baltimore headquarters.

The ACE club stands for Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. There are scholarships for seniors and it is a great learning and team building experience for all students.

“The students learned about site work, architecture plans, interior design and HVAC. It’s going to be a huge project,” said club advisor Mrs. Schorr.

K. Nardolillo ‘15


Irish Steppers Stun Seniors at Charlestown Retirement Community

Four current students and one past student spent Friday, March 7th performing at Charlestown Retirement Community in front of 250 residents to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Kathy Martin ‘14, Claire Welzant ‘14, Saoirse DeBoy ’17, Katie Ortel ’16, and Amanda Golebiowski ’13 put on an amazing hour long show combining traditional steps with innovative style with the rest of the Teelin Irish Dance Company.  

“I thought the performance was incredible.  I didn’t realize how unbelievably athletic Irish dancers are,” said Mrs. Schorr.  Saoirse, Katie, and several other dancers from Teelin will be competing internationally in the World Championships in London this spring! 

K. Martin '14


Class Leaves Lasting Effect

On Monday, February 17, 2014, members of the 2012-2013 Art History class went to the Pikes Theatre to see “The Monuments Men.”  This movie, based on a true story, included much of the famous European art students learned about in AP Art History last year.  Seniors Zowee Aquino and Courtney Nellies, two of the six girls from last year’s class, joined AP Art History teacher Mrs. Ziff to see the movie. 

“It was compelling to see the pieces of art covered in class in a real-life setting,” said senior Zowee Aquino.

“The Monuments Men,” starring George Clooney and Matt Damon, is based on a group of World War II soldiers responsible for saving all the art stolen by the Nazis.  These soldiers saved thousands of pieces of stolen art, returning the art to its rightful place in homes and museums around Europe.  The movie appeals to art and World War II fans alike.  Going to see “The Monuments Men” in theaters proves the lasting impact AP Art History gives to its students.

“The movie was interesting and the audience was very funny.  It was nice to see the art in the movie and know more about it than the audience did,” said teacher Mrs. Ziff.

Courtney Nellies ‘14

Princess Conquers Princess Half Marathon

Photo of Therese Lipscombe, flashing her new half marathon medal after the race. Photo by Kathleen Lipscombe
Therese Lipscombe, a sophomore at Mount de Sales Academy, ran 13.1 miles in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. The weather was a cool 70 degrees, perfect for the long run on February 23, 2014 and Therese, dressed as Rapunzel, was ready to go; she started running the loop around Walt Disney World at 6 in the morning and completed the run around 8:30a.m. with a time of 2:42:36.

“I was nervous at first, but as soon as I started running I felt great. Running through Cinderella’s castle was a dream come true moment,” said half marathoner Therese Lipscombe, ’16.

Though completing a half marathon is a cause of celebration for anyone, this one meant a little more. Therese suffers from a lung disease, Cystic Fibrosis, which causes major problems for her, especially when running. She has been hospitalized over 10 times in the past 4 years, and her accomplishment is a testament to her strength. She trained for this marathon for over a year and a half, and counted down the days until she would finally be a half marathon princess. The completed half marathon became the crowning jewel of Therese’s bucket list.

 Kathleen Lipscombe, Therese’s mother who made the journey down to Florida with her and cheered loudly from the race’s sidelines said, “I am so proud of my daughter. What she accomplished is truly a dream come true, and I am overflowing with joy.”

Congratulations, Princess Therese! We are all so proud of you.

Clare Lipscombe ’15



From Painting Canvas and Paper to Painting Shoes and Soles

With the huge amount of talent and creativity at Mount de Sales, it comes as no surprise that students enter into different competitions. This year, the Art Department entered the Vans Custom Culture shoe design contest.

“The opportunity to participate in a nationwide contest was a challenge, but it was nice to experience real world deadlines” said Faith Reed, a junior in Advanced Portfolio.

In this contest, the girls must create a design and actually paint the shoes to be submitted as the new theme for shoes sold in stores. Vans plans to fly the five finalists to New York City where the judges will pick the grand prize winner, whose shoe Vans will produce to sell. Students so far have not submitted their final shoes, but have handed in the preliminary designs for input before completing the ultimate product. The contest ends April 17, 2014, and the school of the grand prize winner will receive $50,000 to spend towards art programs.

More information can be found on the Vans website, www.vans.com/customculture/
A. Rittie '15


Both "Mounts" find Beauty at Retreat

Photo by: Maddie Fields '15

In the midst of the stressful third quarter, the class of 2015 found spiritual relief at their Junior Retreat. They reflected on the retreat’s theme, “Behold!” during talks, and spent an hour in adoration before celebrating Mass together.

“In our small groups, I learned that a smile and a compliment can really impact someone because you don’t know what they’re going through. What really hit me the most was learning about people’s hardships. I love how we bonded with people in our groups who we didn’t know well before,” said Leah Mohler ’15.

On February 28, 116 sailors travelled to Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Students at Mount Saint Mary’s led this annual day-long retreat, many of whom are Mount de Sales alumni. They gave talks, led small groups, and attended adoration and Mass with the Mount de Sales students. Leaders on the retreat also had the opportunity to deepen their love for Christ. Mount Saint Mary’s sophomore Juliana Lombardi described how she was extremely anxious to share about a vulnerable place in her life, but she found strength in the Lord.

“I was so nervous about giving my testimony; it was the first time I’d ever given it and it is a lot of stuff that only my therapist and my three best friends had known. And having the control and vulnerability issue that I have, I was seriously questioning my ability to tell 130+ people my story. Even five minutes before my talk, I was freaking out that I was going to fail, that my voice was going to crack, or that no one was going to get anything out of my talk. Then I had to remind myself, ‘Juliana, stop. God is going to love you no matter how this talk goes. Stop basing your worth on your achievement; base it in Him. Even if you crash and burn, your worthiness as a daughter of God is inherent. It’ll all be okay. Trust Him!’” said Juliana.

Cassie George '15

Welcome to the World Zachary Nyman

Mrs. Nyman's baby was born on 1/30, weighing
8 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches with a full head of brown hair.


Dads, Daughters, and Dancing

Dads and their daughters share a slow dance
Photo by Galeone
At the 25th anniversary of the Father Daughter Cotillion, dads and their dates danced together and with friends, enjoyed delectable food from Tommy’s, and talked with each other on the bleachers.

“I love being with my dad and it’s nice to be able to get dressed up and spend quality time with him and all of my friends outside of the home environment,” said senior Victoria Doda.

On March 1st, over 400 girls and their dads attended the Father Daughter Dance. The seniors arrived earlier than the other class-men to have a formal dinner with their dads in the music hall, and the other three classes joined them in the gym later. There was also an introduction for the seniors and their dads. This event is truly a special one, and is even celebrated in other schools in the country.

 “As a mother of a senior, I felt quite blessed to be a part of this memorable evening as I watched my daughter and husband enjoy their night together,” said co-chair Mrs. Dignan

Noelle Bailey- ‘15


It's Academic Team competes on WJZ

Anna Peyla, Maryanna Anotoldi and Clara Jeske smile with the host David Zahren.
A team of outstanding students from Mt. de Sales Academy competed against teams from Howard High School and Calvert High School on IT'S ACADEMIC, the nation's foremost high school quiz program.  The competition was spirited and was won by Howard. The match will be aired Saturday, March 22, at 10:00 am on WJZ, Channel 13.
The Mt. de Sales Academy team consists of Maryanna Antoldi (captain), Clara Jeske, and Anna Peyla. Their faculty coach is Victoria Glose.
IT'S  ACADEMIC, which has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as “the world’s longest-running television quiz program,” is now celebrating its 53rd year on the air. The program is sponsored by Giant Food and Morgan State University.


STEM students speak "Ship to Shore" with Ocean Drilling Research Vessel in South China Sea

Mrs. Sargo's STEM students conducted a live ship-to-shore video call with the JOIDES Resolution ship! The ship is currently at sea in the South China Sea. The scientists gave a tour of the ship and shared some of the science involved in their expedition. 

"We got to interact with scientists, it was really interesting," said senior Ashton Flater, '14.

 The primary goal of the expedition is to explore different parts (sub-basins) of the South China Sea by coring oceanic basement rocks. The scientists use radiometric dating techniques to determine when these rocks formed. They also measure the physical properties, magnetization, and geochemical composition of basement rocks from different sub-basins of the South China Sea to understand why the magnetic anolomaly patterns are so different between the different sub-basins.

Check out the link below:

14 Years and Counting

Custodian John Tanner not only fixes up the school but shares his positive and caring energy with every student he encounters. October 22, 2013 marked "Mr. John’s" 14th year at MDSA and the students and faculty are extremely grateful for all of his hard work. Mr. John maintains a fun atmosphere wherever he is working in the school and the students notice.

“I love whenever Mr. John plays his fun music while working, sometimes it's classical or rock,” said senior Liz Ann Inglisa.

Last summer Mr. John repainted the floors, walls and lockers in the senior locker room just in time for the new school year! Mr. John says it’s a challenge each day but he feels accomplished after his projects are finished. All of the students love to see Mr. John’s face after school waiting to greet them with a “hey lady” and a smile.

“I think it’s great how long Mr. John has been working here and I hope he stays for many more years!’ said junior Meg Martel.

Caroline Walsh '15


Fans from age 15 to 50 fall in love with Sam Hoffman

Megan Sauter and Shannon Moran dance and sing "Easy Street" with Sam Hoffman.

We expect great things from Mount St. Joe senior Sam Hoffman. Sam played "Rooster" in the MDS production of Annie and the audience loved his performance.

"He's the most talented person I know," said co-star Shannon Moran, "Any role you throw at him he nails it. I loved being Mrs. Hannigan with his Rooster."

Sam has been involved in several performances at MSJ and is now preparing for the leading role in "The Music Man."

"Sam has an amazing presence on stage," said Mrs. Schorr. "I want to be in his fan club."

Students agree that Sam is talented and hope that he heads to Broadway and beyond!! 


ACE Club Begins at MSJ

MDSA students engaged in an "ice-breaker" activity with Mt. St. Joe students at the first ACE Club meeting on January 30th. ACE stands for Architecture, Construction and Engineering and involves a 12 week project based goal. Mentors from Gilbane Construction, Poole & Kent Mechanical Engineers and Design Collective architects meet with students to plan, design and build a mixed use development plan for Harbor East in Baltimore. Sarah Witt, Jen Walls above build a spaghetti and marshmallow structure. The objective was to construct the tallest structure and they made it to 3'9".


Mock Trial Competes Against Park

Mock Trial Team at the Baltimore County Courthouse in Towson.
Members of the Mock Trial team had their first match against Park School on January 15. Although they did not win, the legal team put on a good show.

"The judge was impressed with their courtroom decorum and their command of the facts of the case," said moderator Mrs. Schorr.

The defense team lawyers, Mary Kate Halligan, Azaria Olgesby and Caroline Cornell handled the direct examination and cross examination with assertiveness and poise. This year's civil case is about a college student that is injured at a concert venue. The plaintiff is suing the concert hall for damages; the defense is claiming contributory neglect. The defense team witnesses, Nicky Wilhelm, Sarah Strehl and Lizzie Halligan performed well under pressure. Park School is one of the top Mock Trial teams in the State.

"It was exciting to watch and now we need to prepare for the plaintiff side match on January 28," said sophomore London Smith, a lawyer for the other side.

Way to go team! After the next match, 25 Baltimore County area high schools will compete in a single elimination round starting in February. Mrs. Schorr's father,  former attorney Peter Greene has joined the club as legal adviser this year.  


Sailors Discover Personality Match

Photo provided by www.inklingtraining.co.uk

Juniors and seniors in Mrs. Schorr’s photojournalism class completed the 72-questionairre, Myers-Briggs Personality Test.  Developed by Katharine Cooks Briggs and her daughter Isabel, the examination uses psychological analysis from Carl Jung in order to determine a person’s developed personality.

" I wanted to create self awareness for the students and also help them understand other personality types to prepare for future interviews," said Mrs. Schorr, ESFP.

The test evaluates an individual’s personality that outside forces mold.  Factors such as environment, social distinction, and heritage affect personality.  After taking the exam, test takers enter their name and age to find out the results.  The typology test then calculates the marks with a four letter answer.  Each letter stands for qualities such as extroverted, intuitive, and perceptive.  With each letter combination comes an explanation on the personality types. 

Although the test is not accurate for each person, the Myers and Briggs Foundation relates that those who retest receive the same results 75%-90% of the time.  According to senior Diana Weyandt, the Myers-Briggs exam matched her personality accurately and helped her to further understand her inner being.  Weyandt said, “The test accurately reflects my thinking process.  I think it can help you understand the way you process things.” 

Students found the test fascinating and beneficial for improving study habits, developing deeper personal relationships, and correcting flaws.  For more information about the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, visit www.myersbriggs.org. 

Tori Tully '14